Adding money to Your Card

How to Add money to Your Card

Thank you for purchasing a Sudsy Loyalty Car. In the past we had a dispenser which would actually dispense the card. We may bring this back in the future. However, with the advent of and increasing familiarity with the internet we have opted to provide the ability to recharge, or purchase a card, over the internet.

Money can be placed on the card by following the steps below:

1. When the card is initially purchased a preset amount is applied to the card. The first step in adding funds to the card is to register it.

2. On the back of the card you will see a number on the bottom. It is that number that must be registered.

3. One of the options on the website is to “register” the card. Once you click on the screen you will be prompted to input your card’s number.

4. You will also be asked to enter a VSF password. VSF simply means virtual store front and is simply the website. You can enter a password you normally use or create a separate one. The usual restrictions apply such as the password has to be a minimum of 6 characters at least one upper case letter and one number.

5. An email message will be sent to your email account. Once you respond then the account is created.

6. To put money on the card you will need to login using your password. Once you log in you will be brought to the payment part of the screen. It is here where you can use your credit card to put money on the card. We do provide a discount for these cards. We cannot do so when a wash is purchased with a credit card.

7. If you do not wish to use a credit card, there are a few dinosaurs such as myself that balk at using credit cards over the internet, you can send cash or a check to us at Sudsy, P.O. Box 142, Rigby, Idaho 83442 and we can manually input the information including any bonus. We will need the number on your card. If you are requesting a new card we will also need a mailing address.

8. If we can be of any assistance please call us at 745-6969. Messages are checked at least weekly.

Thanks for using Sudsy.