About Us

About Us

Sudsy came about as the result of several random conversations. One owner had experience in operating a carwash. Another owner has experience in construction. The third was just in the position of saying, "hey that sounds like a good idea." All three live in the Rigby area and have had an abiding fascination with cars. Besides the usual pickups at various times we have owned cars of some interest. Whether it be a 67 Camaro RS/SS-traded in embarrassingly for a Chevy Vega the car made famous for head gasket problems and 0 trade in value or a Porsche Boxster. All three want to deliver the best wash we can given the relatively small market. Prices were determined by timing other washes and surveying their prices. We opted for the moderate pricing scheme. Are we the least expensive, alas we are not. Do we provide the best value, to that we can answer yes. Because we are local we would like to think that we are somewhat accessible. When you contact us we probably have some sort of personal connection.

Sudsy one was opened in 1995 with three wand bays. About three years later a touchless automatic was added. At that time we offered the first PDQ machinery in Idaho. Other than adding another bank of vacuums things remained the same until 2003 when increasing demand prompted us to begin planning another wash. Sudsy 2 opened in 2004 with fewer, but larger bays designed for RV’s and once again an automatic. We have offered loyalty cards since we opened. In July of 2012 we added the ability to accept not only loyalty cards, but credit and debit cards. Unfortunately, in 2010-11 we saw increasing costs of doing business in Rigby. The bill for City services was approaching in excess of 10% of our gross revenue. We did raise prices, but the decision was not easily made and still some rancor exists over the necessity to raise prices. To be fair, the City was faced with increasing costs and had to create a way to pay for them. Whether it was/is fairly apportioned still remains a question.

Be that as it may we will continue to improve as we are still in it for the long run. We are looking at other improvements and we will apprise you of them as we get closer. Messages are generally returned once a week. This is a function of the fact that we all work other jobs. If there is anything we can do to improve, please let us know.

Very Truly Yours,


Larry, Gary and Steve